Sunday, 6 April 2014

The End of an Era.

I cannot promise this one will be funny, or more of a vent. I just feel I want to expunge what I am writing, now at roughly 1 am in the morning.

            So for those of you who don't know. I have been a wrestling fan since about the age of 6 or 7. The first match I remember watching was the Harts vs Shawn Michaels and his Knights back at Survivor Series 1993.  Wrestling was always something that stuck for me.  I don't know if it was because I tried really hard to get into a sport, and when I was 9 wrestling was enough of a sport for me.

          I actually even thought it was all legit until probably grade 7 - 8. Judge if you will. That's okay. My blog here is a forum for my comments, and whatever feed back you wish to give.   So I loved it, there were even dark times when I wasn't allowed to watch it, sneaking under the cover of night, or getting feels on what happened the night before from my friends.

      Wrestling actually was something I had gone and used as a bridge to become friends with a lot of people. I bet you are curious why I am even writing this. This isn't about video games, or anything fun. I'll try to make it fun.  Maybe. I do have some new games to talk about.  

    Secretly, I am pretty smart. I am able to pick up on things, and able to know how things are going to go. Wrestling for a while now has been the same way, and sitting on couches people ask me what is going to happen and I have a pretty good ratio for guessing.  Sometimes I am wrong.  Not normally.

I have 2 Pay-per-views I try hard to watch. Royal Rumble, and Wrestlemania. This year. They sucked. They sucked hard. It wasn't that someone I didn't want to win won, or a particular match didn't go the way I wanted. The actually just sucked. It's all very flash in the pan, and I like stories, with a purpose. Not only have the stories sucked, but the matches haven't been all that good either. 3/5 people I watched wrestling tonight, fell asleep, or almost did. I was one of them.  

So I think tonight, I am hanging up my proverbial wrestling boots. I know it may not matter in the grand scheme of things. It just isn't something I enjoy, and I don't really have any dogs in the race.  To the kid inside me who liked to watch it and follow it. It's been fun. Perhaps we have both just grown out of it. To anyone who reads and does like wrestling. Enjoy it, I hope it can give you the same enjoyment, and fall back it has given me. Thanks for Reading. I'll post something funny this week.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Get lost and Play with Models!

Slow down.  Not These guys.  I should admit. I kind of lied. Please don't look at me like I tricked you into coming here for some Metal theme.

For those asking first. Job hunting is still going on. A few good leads just haven't really ...heard... anything. That's okay. it'll come and I'll be rich.

It's story time kids

Something some People will tell you, is that I have occasionally flirted with playing some miniature war games.  You being a nerd(and I bet all of you are) I am sure you have at some point in your awesome nerdy candy filled lives. Games like Warhammer, 40k, Warmachine, and an even briefer flirt with Hordes.(HOLY CAPOODLES briefer is a word.. let's make it word of the day. Reader number it on your facebook).

So for Christmas, my lovely herself purchased me the Convergence Battle box from Warmachine. I know what you are thinking..... What Handsome-fun-guy are they? Well their symbol is a Cyberman, they are robots, and well they have angels. A lot of things I like. Every time my foray in to wargaming I have stopped by lack of income, and just people falling out. Once a problem with a store I played at that is awesome, I think I could be a bit to blame.

However I recommend it for everyone.(feel free to Send me free stuff Privateer. ha...ha) It's fun, even though I have been known to curse and swear putting models together, smash things. Punch babies(one baby). My painting shows I am a noob, but the game is filled by some of the best sports ever. I actually think I have only met one try hard. That's okay. They are out there. I have been known to be a try hard. What the game is honestly about in my personal opinion is a tool for anti social risk players, and model builders to move some boards around, and the game having a secret agenda to make the world a better place. (With fake wars). 

The game is awesome... Now when I get into a hobby. I find myself getting addicted before I get started and looking for ways to get my fix, and possibly cool it off.  Let me direct you to the gasoline that I usually pour on myself.

The podcast is great. No I am not just plugging it because I may or may not be friends with a certain Australian co-host. Legit. It's a great pod cast.  I can listen to it for hours. Also more then once.. Australian voices are nice...niiiiice.

Peace out. Do Nerdy things!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

This Week

So to follow up from last week, after a few emails between Riot and myself, they have concluded that there is nothing they can do, and I am stock climbing out of bronze V.

 Well Leonidas defeated the Persians, so I guess I could do it too. Right??

Due to that and me becoming to extreme on myself and so synical to the game I have placed it on the shelf for a couple of days. Giving me more time to return to my other loves. Like Minecraft, but mainly  Rome Total War 2.

Total War 2, let me tell you sometimes  I am in the middle of that game, and I just feel like Tywin Lannister. Just making all the right decisions. Even last night while me and my lovely took a break to catch up on some pretty serious shows: Big Bang Theory

She took a look at my screen, that I had paused while invading a town asking questions. She then asked me if I was going to let them go, concerning herself with the bits and bites that made up the opposing faction.

I then told her. No. I'm going to kill them. They are mouths to feed, and can one day rise up to fight me. So they must die. To which she called me Ruthless... Which I find to be a compliment if I do say so myself.

However, normally I have a problem in that game where I become very Jofferey and my people hate me. (Yeah there are a lot of Game of Thrones References. I like the books, and I like the show. It's coming up soon. Don't judge me alright? Still judging me? Fine! Take this...!)
Yeah that's right Enjoy that... You did it to me.

Anyway, so sometimes I get just a bit arrogant. I forget that my small but effective army isn't the only one building and I go to attack a small city that apparently has over 4000 soldiers. Like What the hell?
Leading my awesome attack to something kind of like this

Cats are cute...

Do I feel like talking about wrestling today? No not really...

I'm looking at Rust... looking at it so much. All the videos I have been watching makes it really good. if anyone wants to pass this site off to the makers of Rust and get me a beta key. I'd be down. Get it.

Hearthstone back on the wagon. Game is in maintenance right now so I can't play. Which is NOT why I am writing this. I love you guys. Tell more of your friends to read this, and even if they hate it. Or you hate it. Pretend you love it and it's hot shit.
At least there is no Paris Hilton right? We don't like her. Right?

Before I go I just want to drop two things on you. In looking for a place to watch Rust. I found a pretty sweet Streamer. Pretty funny.  Not one of the heavy hitters on Twitch yet, but my favourite Rust players to date. There  is a link. Favorite him, and tell him he's awesome.

Alright now I'm really sending you guys home. Something funny perhaps? This is my site for you to check out if you haven't already!

I do not own anything I put up..(yet....) Just for everyone to enjoy.

You did this to me!


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

New Times.

Hey Reader(s).

Welcome back, so I have decided I need to make a few changes. I really haven't worked hard to make this well work. So I am going to. I mean you guy(s)/girl(s) go out of your way to read this, so I should make it better. For all of you.

I know I have mostly talking about DnD, and Video games going on. Yet there are more things going on that bug me, or that I at least want to voice. So I am going to.  I am going to share pretty much everything I want to share because that is why it is here. I  promise to make it as entertaining as I possibly can. I honestly don't write out what I am going to put up here, so everything is just how I think it when it types. Cool eh?

Last week I posted that I have been playing a lot of League of Legends. You will be pleased to know it's still true. The game still reminds me of that guy you want to be friends with, but you know it isn't the right decision because the crowd he hangs out with isn't cool. I'm looking at you Bronze V'ers.

Even though I am in the belly of the beast, the lowest of the low. I still feel I don't deserve it,  It isn't the losses because of other players playing badly either. I accept that as some form of natural disaster that comes in and ruins your shit. Like a Creeper. That's Right

 is the same as

That being said..... What should not be considered a part of the game, and has messed with me a lot as of late, is Lag issues. Sure, It could as some times be my computers fault. But when 4/5 team mates drop from the game, for 5 minutes in a Provisional. Should there at least be a loss prevention? I think so. I ended up emailing riot about this exact problem. There response was that I should always be looking at the game forums to see that there forums aren't working... My reaction?

See this is the look of me being unimpressed. It's not like I am asking for an Oscar(sorry Leo) but I did ask that they either reset my provisionals or come to some way to help me. They'd rather I take it up my rear, by my own penial instrument. Thanks Riot.. Sadly I still play. Why? Maybe it's the smell of hookers but who knows. I think Riot has a lot of problems that they don't need to solve. For example, instead of suspending people from the free to play game. Level them down? Knock them low. Half exp. Gamers love exp...more then they love using one of there BILLIONS of emails that they use to look up Pornography... Please League you have suckered a lot of my money. Do something with it.. If I wanted to be ripped off I would pay my taxes. ha...ha....ha

Alright, now lets talk about another fetish of mine. The most real thing ever...No no no..It's not Nicholas Cage, no shit is that real. Not even what you are reading. Yep your mind is making all of this shit up....and you like it. Don't take it out on me for you not liking what you are reading... But give me all the glory if you are. Give and take kind of guy. I am talking about Wrestling.

I really like Wrestling, I've liked it growing up, and everyone reading this right now has had it cross there paths. I know it's either the Kardashians or the WWE!  Anyway, as of late for those who like wrestling they would know that a rather popular Chicago native "took his ball and went home".  Good wrestler, and I had a lot of fun.    I would LOVE to see him come back, and even on Monday I discarded my computer time so I could watch what was supposed to be his return.   I was dooped, and you know what I like it. They never promised any kind of return. If the guy doesn't want to come back, I don't want him to come back. I want him to enjoy what he does. Anyone who has a problem with a guy quitting because he doesn't like where his career is going... You liar..Just admit you are being selfish I was. Do I like that he went without saying good bye? God no... I need closure. Who doesn't? Do I think wrestling sucks? ...ummmmmmm Sometimes.

How can they fix it? Kind of get out of this trolling people stage, and leave it to league of legends.'s a real....Riot. That's my blog today..I am sorry it wasn't super funny, but I got a way of helping with that.
It is fastatic... Thank you. Also go check out my peeps!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Here again...

I have wrass'eld my way back from the grasps of ADD, and ADHD. (please don't tell Paul Revere)

Life is awesome. College Graduate. This guy. Love it. Now I know you all worship me, and everything I do is gold right?
That is okay. I know it isn't why you are here.  You want to know about games and what I am playing.
I know I promised to mention a few other games, but I don't remember what I was going to, and I didn't read what I wrote. Since there is no going into the past. Just forward I'm only going to write about what I know.

There has been A LOT of Left 4 Dead 2. Going on a tangent on I don't know if it is his hatred for Zombies. My younger brother bought the game for virtually everyone, and I mean virtually. Didn't you get one? I bet you did.
          Now our "gaming group" has an interesting dynamic. Where I am sure most games we can just walk in and trounce and destroy it because we are awesome. Our "problem" in most games lie in..we're trolls. Mostly to each other resulting in not a lot of the campaign completed. Just ALOT of VS mode. Which is fine (I didn't pay for it) yet it's still totally wicked! There have been a lot of screaming, a lot of killing and just overall a lot of fun. So if you have not picked up Left4Dead 2. What the crap man? You don't want to be caught unprepared in the event of a zombie outbreak, while in the south with 3 random strangers you have never met have you? Do your duty.

     Also we became dedicated. Like any sports fan. Watching the play-offs. You may be like. We can do that right? Right.  We have been playing one of the most POPULAR on-line games out there right now. Over 100 Characters. All fighting to destroy the Nexus. My favourite one to play right now.
The Most Baddasserest League of Legends.

 There is no game I can think of in the entire time I have lived that has made me so angry. It turns me into some pouty child when I don't win. It's kind of sad, but it is just my competitive nature.  The game is awesome. If you are going to do ranked I would recommend checking the servers to see if they are laggy. That's at least what Riot keeps telling me.

Also Minecraft of course. We have our own server going right now. Our server on it's second reset except we have added POKEMON. Yep Pixelmon mod. Also, !  If you haven't yet. Look up Coaxt Gets Blown! It's a little long. You could skip 5 minutes for sure, unless you want to see the lovely Maplebeard foil plan number one :D

Alright, I'm out hombres.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Guns and Dinosaurs.

       As promised I have finally returned. A little late I digress but let me tell you. Half of it was lazy, the other half was busy. While I have been freezing in a frozen tundra known as Canada.  I have gaming, and schooling to keep myself warm.  I bet you can't guess what is one is more fun.  ((Actually trick question both aren't bad. It's the commute that sucks but worth it!)

I promised to talk about two games right for this little go. I will talk about AT LEAST two. Mainly because I feel like typing, and now unless you click next or close the page. You are going to read it....or DIE! (Disclaimer: We here at Steve's Adventures in Life and Minecraft are not responsible if reading this has caused you to die. ))

 Now the first one I should get to is a game my brother turned me onto. It's called GUNS OF ICARUS

 Now don't get me wrong. The idea of this game is pretty sweet. You and up to three friends hop into a Airship in this steampunk universe and blow anyone unfortunate to be on the other team to kingdom come.
The game is broken into 4 Classes. Firs there is the pilot. Now don't get excited you aren't Tom Cruise flying into the Danger Zone in some super speedy airplane. (Actually I'm pretty sure the airships move about as fast as his slow walk across the carrier in the movie.))

But there is a lot to manage. If you need to go fast maybe load it up with some nitroglycerin.(There are other things you can pick but when flying a zeppelin is there anything really more safe...well yeah pretty much everything but not if you want to be awesome). Directing the ship in which direction to go. Now the biggest downfall to using the pilot perks to fly your plane, isn't the balloon catching on fire. It's the Engineer who is yelling at you for making his job much worse, by using the before mentioned nitro, or flying through smoke, or a sand storm.  I don't know how many Scotty jokes came up.

That being said it is a great set-up to the next class. The Engineer. You know the job usually picked for the person who logs in last? His job simple. Fix the ship while the other 3 reckless maniacs shoot, and cause trouble and break everything. Then turn to the poor engineer, with there hands in the air like a kid who spilled paint, and tells his mom he doesn't know how it got there...(*points at self*)  From fixing the balloon and engines and guns. It really is a the worst but busiest job.

Now it's time for the job that brings all the girls to the yard.(Or boys depends on what you are into) The Gunners. Two of  them. Who have a HUGE array of guns to ask the pilot to select when picking his ship and ship parts. Tasked with turning every enemy zeppelin into a smouldering pile or twigs, and snapped timber. Blowing up the balloons, and laughing manically. It really was my favourite of the classes. Now not just because I got to blow things up, which I LOVE! It just felt the most versatile. Where with every class you can do everything, you just were specced to certain jobs. The Gunners were able to pull it off, whether fixing there own guns, or running around the ship and helping the Engineer who was one more engine fire away from alcoholism, or just jumping off the ship.

The game sounds awesome right? I don't know if the problem was it was too niche, I loved it at the time I played it, and me and my PC group really really enjoyed it. We were even undefeated. Team Pen15, and I can't remember what our ship was called. Just there game a 6 day period where we LITERALLY couldn't find a game.  I hope to revisit it in the future, but sadly it went to the Graveyard where all the other uninstalled games go. *COUGH* DIABLO 3 *COUGH COUGH*

Lets get our heads out of the clouds for a moment...bring ourselves back down to earth. We spent so much time in the steampunk world of Guns of Icarus, we were not here to stop something we could not predict...

Dinosaurs have Does it matter. What must we do fight them, that's right fan club.. I am talking about one of my favorite pick up and plays :
This game is SO good. Perhaps it is the simpleness of it. Man vs Dinosaur. Or  it brings me back to weekend long Lan parties, playing Alien vs Predator 2. This game just has it. I was lucky enough to pick it up for 5 dollars on a Steam sale, but It was definitely worth it.  
The game does things so well, first playing the game I rolled a human.  I looked out as my human trapper to the site of a T-Rex just walking and stomping by, and I was thrown into fun. The game has 8 options when playing, 4 for each team, and they all have there own feel.
There is the Trapper, A personal favourite. Running around with a pair of pistols and a net. Timing is his best weapon, for when he traps a smaller dinosaur in his net. Mainly not a bullish style dinosaur, or T-Mother lovin' Rex. The little guys, the Pteradon, Raptor, and the dinky Dilophosaurus.  When the dinosaur is trapped in the net. They can be one shot by the trappers knife.
My second favourite. The Pathfinder. Just a shotgun wielding character capable of doing sufficient damage to any dinosaur who gets in his way. His secondary is a flare, which may sound piddly, but it comes to great effect to blind some other dinosaurs.
Third to Mention is essentially the solider. he runs around with a Assault rifle that doubles as a shot gun... why not Dinosaurs are there. I'm fine with this class too, while I can't diminish his damage. The dinosaurs just don't seem to be afraid of him as much as I would like...That's okay. I've seen some people just wreck with them.
The Pyro - My girlfriends favourite. The red-headed  fire blazing character. His flame thrower is scary enough to ward off any dinosaurs. Yet his flame thrower is still cool, for if a raptor tries to get in close enough it doubles as a chain saw. Still not excited. He throws some grenades as well. He is a boss, and a lot of fun.
Last for the Humans, is the Sniper. I don't enjoy snipers in any game personally but she is a  essential part of the team. She has two sniping rifles. One for just damage and dishing out head shots to poor dinosaurs, trying to eat some human flesh, and another that drugs up any dinosaur it hits. Let me tell you, it's cool but not cool at the same time.

Now for the dinosaurs. (The ones you care about right? I know you...)
We're going to go in backwards order from least favourite, to most.
Dilpohosaurus: Now while I can't spell it properly and refuse to look it up, because I am talking to you. (That's right. I care!) A tiny little guy that bites, and spits. The spit being the more useful, since it stops humans from using any special things they have. I just don't like it.
Then the Bullosaurus. Not it's real name but again.  It's extinct. Can't sue me! ha. Not a bad class again to say the least. It's charge is really it's only way to kill, but it has to be so precise I just don't care to learn.
Third place: The Pteradon (or the Mother F*cking Pterodactyl) I know they are too different dinosaurs, Yet, I don't care my house my rules.  He's pretty sweet. The support class really for the dinosaurs. He soars like a majestic eagle of death (or if you are Canadian everything we know the Canadian Geese to be) soaring around, and shouting out to tell the dinosaurs where dinner is located. Not too mention he can attempt to fly down and pluck people out of the sky. Once you are up there though, chances are you're dead. Not cool.
Fourth place: The T-rex. Now some would say..he's broken. You're right. It's okay though. He gave up two regular arms, to kick all of our pink fleshed butts, and he does it so well. He can kill you through just flat out devouring you, (which heals you). Think you can avoid him, he'll just step on you. He's got more ways to kill you then George R.R Martin at a wedding, and I love it.
Now who follows up my favourite Dinosaur of all time?
The Novaraptor..Why?
Enough said.

More so about the game, it's actually balanced. Humans need to work together, and Dinosaurs travel in packs, until Papa T shows up, there are so many small things in it. I feel everyone should look to it.
So as it turns out, I'm typed out for today. So I won't be posting another game. Next run I will I promise :)
Now I do not know any of the pictures or links I posted today. They are owned by there respective companies. Not me. Not owned, just borrowed.

Now, if you are looking for some computers games of your own to play, I urge you to check out the Humble Bundle.

There is the link right there. It's a great cause. Even if you don't actually like the games. It's going to people who need it if you can afford it. Really my favourite charity to date.

Okay I'm done for now. If you have any games to suggest please let me know, and I guess you can follow me on Twitter
And I will try to get some Tumblr going as soon as I learn how to use it.  I am also working on getting a stream going of me playing some games, just need a web cam. Al-right Peace out!